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Landlords and tenants: say hello to FixFlo

Welcome to FixFlo which is an online reporting system that enables tenants to report maintenance issues affecting their homes.

At its most basic level, this online repairs reporting tool enables tenants to report maintenance issues as soon as they arise, 24 hours a day, with a copy of each report being copied to Dafydd Hardy so that we are immediately aware when problems arise which have been reported.

But FixFlo actually does a lot more than this.

As well as enabling landlords and property managers to deliver repairs more quickly and efficiently, it also 'weeds out' genuine repairs that require expert attention from those which the tenants can - or should, under their tenancy agreement - deal with themselves.

Using one of forty different languages, including Welsh, tenants are helped to identify the precise issue to be dealt with. If the issue is something very simple, or an issue which it is the tenant's responsibility to deal with, FixFlo provides advice on how tenants can fix the problem themselves.

If there is an emergency problem, such as the smell of gas, FixFlo tells the tenant the proper emergency procedure to follow, and provides contact details of the relevant emergency service.

FixFlo can even recommend specific products that are the most suitable for dealing with issues such as mould or blocked drains.

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