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Auction House North Wales by Dafydd Hardy

Entries Invited - Click here to email us for further information or please call our Auction hotline on 01248 711999


Next Auction - 5.30pm Thursday 21st August 2014


Anglesey Arms Hotel, Menai Bridge


To find out more about Auction House click here.

The benefits of buying and selling at auction...

Equal Opportunity

The property is available for sale on a set day for all interested parties so everyone can have an equal chance of buying.

Clear and transparent

Unlike the tender process where other bids are not declared until after the event and it is possible to lose out by as little as £1

No gazumping

There is no risk of being gazumped because the property is sold on the fall of the gavel and the contract is binding.

Time saving

Because all the legal work should be completed prior to the sale you can enjoy a speedy purchase and completion.

Safe purchasing

There is no danger of the vendor 'pulling out' as the contract of sale is binding as soon as the gavel falls.

More choice

Auctions often offer a wider range of properties and can include repossessions or properties in need of renovation or modernisation also development land, building plots and farms.

Next Auction 21st August 2014 – Entries invited.