News at Dafydd Hardy | 23/03/2023

Waterside Properties is a unique agency network dedicated to homes on or near the sea, providing leading agents across the country with a very special niche within the housing market thanks to its exclusive marketing platform.

Dafydd Hardy has been a proud, exclusive member of the network for numerous years, reaping its endless benefits to our waterside homes. With over 30 years of experience, their expertise focuses on bringing together the finest waterside properties with the ideal buyers, making us confident that your property will be in excellent hands.

Part of their service includes buying and selling in the boating industry and subsequently are present in many of the boat shows on the South Coast of the UK. They use this opportunity to display their network of properties at the shows, a prime location full of prospective buyers seeking a new home by the water.

Another benefit is Waterside Life, their very own magazine. Showcasing the best seaside properties selected from its 40 exclusive members, all in various locations across the UK, they truly have utilised their resources perfectly.

We are excited to continue our links with Waterside Properties and connect your waterside home with discerning buyers.

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