Friends of the Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path

News at Dafydd Hardy | 02/03/2014

The Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path is now part of the larger Wales Coast Path.  The Friends are a group of diverse individuals who came together more than ten years ago through a shared appreciation of the very special character of Anglesey’s Coastal Path and beaches, and with a desire to enhance this coastal environment in whatever ways we can.  We want to publicise the path’s unique attractions so that many more may be as lucky as we are and discover this special place and share in the joy of it.

What do we do?
We arrange varied activities and offer varied opportunities for Friends to be involved, such as the following:
We organise walks, talks, coastal enhancement days and social events.
Some members choose to adopt a bit of the path, wishing to share personal responsibility for its maintenance and improvement.

  • We liaise with local and national environmental groups to enhance, explore and encourage use of the path.
  • We aim to provide information through all forms of media to improve the experience for users of the path.
  • We offer a badge and certificate to all who walk the complete path for personal or charitable purposes.
  • We seek to promote the cultural heritage of the path as a window on Anglesey’s past, present and future.
  • We aim to encourage youngsters to appreciate the path and to learn of its many natural attractions.
  • We love to introduce others to the uniquely fascinating landscapes, geology, flora and fauna, etc to be found in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

If you would like to share in all that this wonderful coastal region has to offer, do join us.

At £5 per annum, membership is a bargain as well as hugely enjoyable and you would be part of a group aiming always to make the path even better for tomorrow than it is today. 
Why not check on the website to see what’s planned in the near future?  Following the severe winter storms, coastal enhancement continues apace with planned and impromptu sessions taking place mostly around the worst affected areas on the west and south coast.  Details can be found at

Walk the Complete Anglesey Coastal Path - Summer 2014

Following the enthusiastic response to the series of guided walks all around the Anglesey Coastal Path in 2013, the Friends of the Anglesey Coastal Path are planning a similar event for this summer.  From May to August this year the walks will travel counter-clockwise around the island, giving a whole new outlook of the path.  The 25 walks average about 5.5 miles.  You are assured of great walking, unrivalled scenery, varied flora, fauna and geology and, of course, good company.  A personalised certificate and a badge will be given to all who “complete the path”, either walking it all with the Friends, or by returning later to walk any missed sections.

Full information will be available at the website: dates and starting times for all locations; special maps and route descriptions, with items of interest en route.   or email
Please note that based on last year’s experience, the meeting places are at the end of each section of the walks; this makes it easier to optimise car sharing for the return trip at the end of the walk.