Getting your property ready to market

News at Dafydd Hardy | 18/04/2021

Now more than ever, getting your property picture perfect before it goes on the market is crucial. COVID-19 restrictions have forced buyers and tenants to browse online even more and virtual tours have become increasingly popular. So it goes without saying that first impressions are everything and it all starts with the online presentation. 

Typically, the first step a person takes when looking to buy or rent a house is search online, therefore the images or video needs to be captivating enough for the person to stop scrolling and take interest in your property. It is equally as important for your property to present itself as well in person as it needs to reflect the expectations of the photographs.

Here are a few things you can do to get your property photo-ready and take it to the next level.

As obvious as this sounds, deep cleaning your home is important. Aside from the standard hoovering, dusting, mopping etc, make your home look like a show home. Scrub everything that can be until it sparkles, clear any dishes away from the sink and drying rack, hide away any laundry or toys, make up every bed neatly with cushions and throws is possible and clean your windows.

Keep each room simplistic. You want the viewer to focus on the house itself and imagine themselves living there. Clutter in a room will distract them from that and likely end up in them not seeing the true potential it has.

Lighting is an important factor in setting the mood. Opening all blinds and curtains to bring in as much natural daylight as possible throughout will instantly give the room a bright and fresh feeling whilst gives an insight as to how much light each room gets. If viewing takes place whilst it is dark, turn on all lights and lamps to create a cosier environment and avoid looking dull, but where possible try and arrange the images to be taken in daylight.

Appointing a professional to take your photos is the best option and ensures high-quality images taken from the most flattering angles. Here at Dafydd Hardy, we employ and use full-time professional photographers with a range of camera equipment to get you the best results. 

Freshen up any rooms that need it by filling any holes and giving it a lick of paint. Mow the lawn and neaten up and hedges as well as removing any items such as toys or rubbish.

Bring some life and vibrance to the rooms by adding some fresh flowers or plants and placing some diffusers throughout or lighting candles. Fluff all cushions and iron out creases in bedding.

Although some of these points may seem a bit excessive, going that extra mile at this stage could be the difference between a viewer scrolling past your property or purchasing it. If you don’t have the time to do it, hire a professional cleaner or handyman to do it for you, it will be worth it!