Spotlight on... Luke Pollitt

News at Dafydd Hardy | 02/06/2016

Football coach, player, marathon runner and property hot-shot – meet Luke Pollitt!

Luke Pollitt is known to most as the Branch Manager of our Bangor office. But few people will realise how much adventure this young man has enjoyed before acquiring his latest role.

He worked for Dafydd Hardy back in 2009, before heading to the bright lights of London to gain even more experience with Foxtons in the fastest property market in the world. He returned to his native North Wales – and work for Dafydd Hardy – in 2012.

Before his career in estate agency, he was a football coach in the US, a follow-up from a BSc degree in Coaching and Performance Development. As well as running a marathon in under three-and-a-half hours in aid of Cancer Research, he plays football for Mynydd Llandegai – helping them win the league and cup double last year.

Luke may be a sports star, but his dress sense has been questioned – he won Worst Dressed Player of the season. Luke claims he only won it because of the manager’s lack of fashion sense!

So what is it that Luke likes about the world of estate agency?

“I get a real buzz from selling properties and enjoy meeting new people,” he says, describing gaining the role of Bangor Branch Manager as the highlight of his career. He has good advice for current buyers and sellers.

“Now is a great time to buy, but buyers need to remember that the important word is “compromise”! There is currently a lot of activity in the market and the properties selling are those that are realistically priced, so sellers need to be realistic too.”

Finally, we asked Luke Pollitt a series of searching questions to help define his personality:

Q: What do you love doing most in your spare time?

A: I enjoy sport, especially playing football and also like a pint.

Q: Describe your first house - what about it made you buy it?

A: The first house I moved to was when I was in college and we chose that one because it was close to our favourite pub.

Q: What's your worst phobia and describe one time when you faced it

A: Being buried alive. Fortunately I am yet to face this!

Q: What's in your fridge right now?

A: Milk, yogurt, salad, meat, lager, vegetables.

Q: If you could use the Force like your Jedi namesake, what would you use it for?

A: I would magic up the “perfect property” for all of our buyers, because unfortunately the “perfect property” does not exist anywhere, for anyone.