The three Ds of preparing your home for spring

News at Dafydd Hardy | 02/03/2013

If you're planning to put your home on the market this spring, a spot of 'life laundry' can help give your home (not to mention your mood!) a much-needed boost before potential buyers start to visit. 

Here are our three Ds of getting your home ship-shape for selling, before the summer comes along to distract you...

It's worth asking yourself whether you really need all the clutter that's built up since your last spring clean. Over the course of the year, have you accumulated a lot of unnecessary bits and bobs that could be moved to the loft, sold on Ebay, donated to a charity shop or recycled? Ornaments, old furniture and books you bought for a summer holiday but will never read again - we're looking at you! De-cluttering and de-personalising your home can make a huge difference when potential buyers come to have a look around... and of course, less clutter means less dust, so either way you're a winner!

Deep clean
We're talking about the areas that are often overlooked during normal housework duties, like skirting boards, the tops of door frames and fingerprints around light switches. With the days lengthening and the sun starting to shine, that old enemy - dust - is easier to see, so keep on top of your housework in readiness for viewings. Cobwebs on the ceiling and behind book cases? Dig out the feather duster. Posh glassware that hasn't been used since that summer party last year? A quick wash will give it back its sparkle. Dusty curtains? Give them a wash or get them dry cleaned (and while you're at it, polish the windows). These areas may not always be the first your eye are drawn to when you're doing housework, but potential buyers will spot dust and grime in the most unlikely places - so give your home a thorough clean in readiness for viewings and make sure you keep on top of the more everyday housework tasks between visits.

Decorating and DIY
If your home decor looks a bit tired or dated, spring is a great time to invest in a fresh new look - which could help sell your home faster. If white skirting boards, door frames and window sills are looking less bright than they should, give them a fresh coat of paint. Use colour and mirrors cleverly to make small rooms appear bigger and dark rooms appear brighter. Avoid intense colour schemes and aim for light, neutral tones that will show off your home's best features. Painting rooms white or cream can show prospective buyers your home's potential - a 'blank canvas' if you like. Fix broken fittings and replace cracked tiles before viewings start. Old furniture can be brightened with a lick of paint and new handles, and kitchens can be transformed inexpensively by simply replacing or painting cupboard doors. Aim for a home that's light, bright and cheerful and make sure you pick the right agent, and you'll be far more likely to achieve your asking price.