What is an EPC, and why do I need one?

News at Dafydd Hardy | 02/12/2016

If you're selling or letting a property in the UK, you need to have an Energy Performance certificate (EPC), which should be available to anyone interested in buying or renting the property. When you sell your property through Dafydd Hardy, its EPC can be viewed by interested parties on your property's description page at our website or on the sales particulars.

So what is it? 

Put simply, an EPC tells prospective buyers or tenants what to expect from energy bills relating to the property.  It looks at the cost of heating and lighting the property, and shows what the property's carbon dioxide emissions are likely to be. 

You've probably seen a similar rating graph to an EPC on the front of new household appliances, like cookers, washing machines and fridges. An EPC for a property works in a similar way; it has a rating system ranging from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient), but in addition it will tell you how your property's energy efficiency rating could be improved, and what the new rating could be if you were to carry out the recommended improvements.

The EPC, which is valid for ten years, must be obtained before you put your property on the market - and is required for commercial buildings as well as residential properties. A listed property does not need an EPC.

Preparing EPCs is one of many professional services offered by Dafydd Hardy's Surveys Team; if you would like to know more, please contact 01286 676 760 or surveys@dafyddhardy.co.uk