A year later, what do people want in their next home?

News at Dafydd Hardy | 11/08/2021

The post-pandemic world has changed drastically, from the way we live, the way we work, and even how we think. The property industry has seen a major shift in the priorities and requirements buyers have which is understandable considering the lifestyle changes many of us have faced over the last 18 months. So, if you have been thinking of moving lately, here are the things you need to consider according to recent trends.

Home Office
Many businesses were forced to adapt their way of working at the beginning of the pandemic, switching to homeworking. At the time it was thought of as a temporary fix and working from a dining table was good enough. But with restrictions lasting a lot longer than anticipated, people quickly realised that they needed a more sufficient working space. The home working strategy has been very successful for many businesses, that even as restrictions have eased, people continue to work from home. Could it be the future for many businesses?

Extra Rooms
Normally when buying a house, the number of rooms depends on the size of your family or plans for a family, but again, Covid-19 has made us think of all the possibilities.

Many families found themselves with infants or young children not being able to attend nurseries for some time, older children having to return home from university for a while, both parents being furloughed. Combine that all together and you have an overcrowded house and not enough space! Having an extra bathroom, extra bedrooms and even extra living rooms have become top of the list priorities for those looking to buy.

Sizeable Garden
After living during a time where we were restricted to “stay home,” it is no surprise that a garden is top of the priority list. An area for fresh air and exercise is essential for a positive mental health and a space to be able to entertain and gather with other households.

Rather than looking for an alternative property to buy, some opted for renovations. From extensions to redecorating and getting all those little unfinished jobs around the house done. Making homes multi-functional to accommodate for working spaces and even home gyms has been on the up.  Equally, landscaping and sprucing up outdoor areas has also been in demand. Good luck trying to find garden furniture or contractors right now!

Views on location can be seen from different angles. We have those who may look to be closer to their family and friends as a result of restrictions on staying local. This was difficult for many who were unable to see their loved ones, so being closer to them during this unpredictable time is important. We also have those who are now working from home, so being in a convenient location is no longer required. They do not look for somewhere with easy access to their work commute and may venture further into rural areas.

Can't find your next home?
With all of that being said, you may have found yourself in a similar situation where you have outgrown your home or it no longer meets your requirements, but you just cannot find what you are looking for on the market. The reason for this is because there are significantly fewer properties coming on to the market. Although people want to move, they are reluctant to put their property on the market until they find another home to buy, resulting in a catch 22 situation.

If you have been searching for your dream home or are thinking of selling your current home, our experts are on hand to help advise and guide you through the process. Contact us today on 01248 35 35 44.