Attractions in Caernarfon

News at Dafydd Hardy | 31/05/2023

Caernarfon is known for its rich history and stunning architecture. Here are five attractions that you might find interesting:

Caernarfon Castle: This magnificent medieval fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Wales' most iconic landmarks. It is an impressive example of military architecture built by King Edward I in the 13th century. Visitors can explore its towers, and walls, and enjoy panoramic views of the town and surrounding area.

Welsh Highland Railway: Experience a nostalgic steam train journey on the Welsh Highland Railway. This narrow-gauge heritage railway runs from Caernarfon to Porthmadog, passing through the beautiful Snowdonia National Park. Enjoy the scenic landscapes, including mountains, lakes, and forests, as you ride the vintage steam locomotive.

Segontium Roman Fort: Explore the remains of Segontium, a Roman fort located just outside Caernarfon. This ancient site dates back to the 1st century and provides insights into the Roman occupation of Wales. Visitors can wander through the ruins, view reconstructed gateways, and learn about the fort's history at the on-site museum.

Caernarfon Town Walls: Take a leisurely walk along the well-preserved town walls of Caernarfon. These medieval fortifications encircle the town and offer stunning views of the castle, harbour, and surrounding landscape. The walls provide an excellent vantage point to appreciate Caernarfon's historic charm.

Galeri Caernarfon: If you're interested in the arts, visit Galeri Caernarfon, a contemporary arts venue located on the waterfront. It hosts a range of exhibitions, performances, and events, showcasing the work of local and international artists. The gallery also includes a cinema, café, and bar, making it a vibrant cultural hub in Caernarfon.

These attractions offer a mix of historical, natural, and cultural experiences, allowing you to immerse yourself in the charm and beauty of Caernarfon.

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