Local chippy rescue delights Valley residents

News at Dafydd Hardy | 10/01/2014

Residents of Valley, Anglesey have expressed their delight that their local chip shop has been saved and is due to reopen soon, creating jobs for local people.

Valley Fish and Chip Shop, which closed in November 2013, has been bought by entrepreneur Danny White-Meir, owner of award-winning fish and chip shop Enochs of Llandudno Junction, who plans to reopen the Valley chippy under the Enochs brand name very soon.

Enochs, which has been owned and operated by Danny for the past six years, has seen impressive growth in recent years. The award-winning business prides itself on offering sustainable fish as well as local fish and other produce from local suppliers.

Local feelings ran high when the Valley chippy closed down. Although there are other takeaways in the area, Valley Fish and Chip Shop was a popular food outlet that had a large catchment area and provided employment to local people.

"Speaking as a customer as well as the agent handling the sale, I'm delighted the chippy will be reopening soon and I know lots of other locals feel the same," said Dafydd Hardy Commercial's Susanna Sawle. "There are other takeaways in the area but for fish and chips we've had to travel much further afield since Valley Fish and Chips closed down."

Danny White-Meir said: "Many of our existing customers have appealed for us to expand, and it has been a dream of ours to have a chain of fish and chip shops.

"Valley was an opportunity too good to miss… we feel that we can fill a gap in the market. Great fish and chips, great service and great value is our ethos. Valley, like Llandudno Junction, is a great local community that has more to offer than most villages - particularly to people who pass through every day, like holiday makers, local employees or those passing through to catch the ferry to Ireland.

"A great local fish & chip shop should be in the heart of any village!"

Dafydd Hardy Estate Agents director Dafydd Hardy said: "Seeing the community's support for local businesses, as in the case of the Valley Fish and Chip Shop, is definitely one of the perks of the job. Knowing that the Valley community are behind Danny's acquisition of this long-standing business will, I'm sure, contribute to the continued success of the Enochs brand."


Photo: Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee/freedigitalphotos.net