Meet Alana, Our Llangefni Office Manager

News at Dafydd Hardy | 28/11/2018

Alana Jones, who has worked for Dafydd Hardy for 8 years, is a seasoned property expert and a keen negotiator. From her early beginnings within the company, to her advancement into management, she shares with us her journey and just why she loves her career in the property sector.

Hello Alana! How long have you been working in the property sector for?

I started out with Dafydd Hardy in 2010 and have remained in the company ever since. In the beginning, I was a part time viewer in the old Llangefni Office. I was only doing two days a week, but it gave me a chance to learn about the industry. As it got busier, I took on more duties, and gained even more experience learning from Ruth Tottey and Dafydd Hardy. We then opened a newer office in Llangefni on the High Street this attracted even more customers, so I took the decision to work full time. I later fell pregnant and when I returned from leave I was offered the opportunity to manage the Menai Bridge office, which is also where i live! I then took over the as manager in Llangefni - which I couldn't wait to start! I'm a local Anglesey girl through and though! Having the support of and training from Dafydd, Ruth and Carys - not to mention the whole Dafydd Hardy family has been a brilliant experience.  Not to mention being trained in valuations by Dafydd Hardy myself, an RICS chartered surveyor...or so he tells me!

What did you look forward to most about returning to Llangefni?
I was most excited about the fact that I was already so familiar with the area. I saw properties I had sold in the past reappearing on the marketplace having been fully-renovated. It's nice to see that life has been given to some of the most run-down properties, and they've moved on to new owners. Every home has its own unique story!

"Every home has its own unique story."

What do you enjoy the most about this role?
I love seeing returning customers, and seeing the properties become homes.

And word on the street is... You've been making a few TV appearances?
[Laughs] Well, yes. I've been given the opportunity with work to be on a TV show called 'Ar Werth' shown on S4C. It follows the day-to-day life of the business and any exciting things happening. For instance, this summer we had a sealed auction which was covered on the show - quite an exciting event!

When you're not advising people on their next big move, what do you like to do in your spare time?
I'm a proper family person. I love spending time with my children; going on days out, long walks. I also love going for a glass of wine with friends.