Preparing Your Home for Photographs

News at Dafydd Hardy | 10/01/2019

We are serious about helping you with buying, selling, and letting your property out. If you are serious about getting your property on the market then there are a few things to consider before a photographer arrives. Elbow grease, a couple of hours of your time, and motivation are all that is required of you to make the most out of these pictures.

It may seem obvious to some that cleaning your property to a high standard will put you at an advantage when it comes to attracting viewers. A polished and well looked-after property will be more likely to achieve a quicker sale, or rental. First impressions count for a lot and when your pictures are displayed on the website people can easily decide in a few seconds whether or not it is worth booking a viewing.

Clean your kitchen surfaces rigorously with a disinfectant and use a cleaning spray for extra shine. Pay attention to often under-appreciated kitchen features such as cupboard handles, cutlery trays, shelves, and appliances. Store your cutlery and plates out of sight; once again this will create the illusion of a bigger, cleaner kitchen. A fruit bowl is a simple yet effective asset in adding a bit of vibrancy to your kitchen – the more colours in the bowl, the better.

The lounge is usually one of the biggest rooms in the house so you’re going to want to give it a full hoover and remove all clutter. Removing excess clutter is paramount in optimising the visualisation of a sizeable house. Leather sofas and polished surfaces need to be buffered. Curtains should be kept open so that potential viewers can get an idea of how much light the room attracts. A dark room can appear unwelcoming, so keep things as light and airy as possible, switching a light on to optimise the room’s capability of attracting a buyer.

It’s pretty obvious to some, but make your bed properly. Iron out any creases and use scatter cushions and a throw for a chic, layered look. Fresh flowers on the bedside table will create the illusion of a calming atmosphere while sufficient lighting will only serve to enhance the space on offer. Simple is effective, but embrace anything quirky that might make the room stand out, for example, a vase or ornament on the corresponding bedside table in a muted colour.

Overgrown shrubs and untended plants create the illusion of a post-apocalyptic dystopia if left to their own devices. Mow the lawn, prune the bushes, and give your plants some love.

No one likes a dirty bathroom, particularly people who are looking for their forever home. Purge that unsightly mould with a ‘Mould and Mildew Remover’. Expel your cracked tile-exteriors with a sealant. Bleach your toilet and use bath cleaner to scrub those pesky stains. Not only will your photographs look better but your bathroom will thank you.

Hide your bins from out of view. Any discarded items out in the garden should be removed, this will once again help improve your photographs.

Sure, what difference is a bowl of fruit going to make? Setting the scene is beneficial, but ultimately, the skill of the photographer is the most important aspect in sourcing enticing photos of your property. At Dafydd Hardy Estate Agents, our photographers are only satisfied when they have captured your property at its best angle. Sometimes, we do have to photograph properties that need a heavy amount of renovation but we always try to showcase their size and their potential through realistic yet superior imagery.